Business leases, drafting/advisory services · Rent increases and reductions, including market rent cases · Termination with and without notice · Move-out statement · Due diligence on the transfer/acquisition of real estate · Other matters · Training

The attorneys at Advice Law Firm are specialists in landlord and tenant law, including the law of business leases, and – backed by many years of experience in the field – they offer both secure and highly qualified legal and financial advisory services, for instance to property developers, real estate investors, administrators as well as owners and tenants of properties.

Providing advice and guidance on landlord and tenant law is an essential part of the law firm’s profile, and we aim to be instrumental in shaping and developing the practice area, which is undergoing constant development, also in the legislative field.

In that context, clients benefit from our long-standing experience.


Peter Steen Hansen has been teaching the law of business leases and residential tenancies to future lawyers on the assistant attorney’s programme of the Danish Bar and Law Society, also organising their exams. Furthermore, in the consultation process concerning the significant amendment to the Danish Rent Act, which came into force on 1 January 2015, Peter Steen Hansen worked as an external adviser to the Danish Bar and Law Society. Finally, Peter Steen Hansen has served as a lay magistrate at the housing tribunals of Copenhagen, Lyngby and Glostrup.


Advice Law Firm has also specialised in residential tenancies law. See the description of this practice area for more details.