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Kirsten Reimers-Lund

Attorney-at-Law (Danish Supreme Court)

· Mobile tel.: +45 33 23 84 23 · E-mail: 

Kirsten Reimers-Lund has specialised in family and succession law, including international family law. Kirsten Reimers-Lund has played an active role in the development of the practice area, for instance through her membership of pre-legislative committees and through several publications on the subject. She has also been a lecturer to both lawyers as judges.

Kirsten Reimers-Lund has extensive litigation experience and has a right of audience before the Danish Supreme Court. She is also a trained mediator.

Kirsten Reimers-Lund provides advice in connection with legal separation or divorce and conducts this type of litigation before the courts when necessary. She advises on and draws up marriage contracts and wills, administering both estates of deceased persons and the division of matrimonial property after legal separation or divorce.

Finally, Kirsten Reimers-Lund has extensive experience in the provision of assistance in connection with child abductions and advises in cases involving the abduction of children into or out of Denmark.


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