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Søren Lindahl

Attorney-at-Law (Danish Supreme Court)/Partner

· Mobile tel.: +45 31 31 56 90 · E-mail: 


Søren Lindahl is a litigator, pursuing litigation as a distinct speciality. His approach to lawsuits is rooted in the philosophy that litigation is a special craft that requires attention to detail, experience and thorough knowledge of the procedural rules of the game. Søren Lindahl conducts a broad spectrum of cases every year, primarily on issues relating to construction contracts and real estate, but also in other practice areas such as limitation of actions, construction of contracts, claims for damages, etc.


Søren Lindahl has been working with construction law at a highly specialised level ever since his days as an assistant attorney, both on the contract side and on the dispute side. With his in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of construction law and practice in the area, Søren Lindahl has acted as counsel in several arbitration proceedings on construction law issues.


Søren Lindahl also handles other aspects of real estate transactions, his additional areas of legal expertise being cooperative housing law, matters related to commonhold units and – in that connection –  association law. Finally, Søren Lindahl is engaged in other types of cases related to real estate, including adjoining property disputes, non-conformity cases, prescription cases, etc.


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