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Contracts of employment · Executive service contracts · Terms of employment of salaried employees · Termination · Sickness and absence · Disputes

Advice Law Firm offers qualified advisory services about all aspects of employment law, right from the negotiation and drafting of contracts of employment and executive service contracts, preparation of internal guidelines and staff manuals to the regulation of employees’ working conditions, resolution of disputes between employees and employers during the life of the employment relationship and, in case of not-quite-so-happy endings, preparation of written warnings and letters of dismissal and summary dismissal. We also assist in negotiating and preparing severance plans.

If a specific dispute between the parties ends in a deadlock all the same, then we will naturally also attend to our client’s interests in court or before the arbitration tribunal.

Moreover, Advice Law Firm advises our clients on bonus and incentive schemes and on maternity, paternity and other leave entitlements. Of course, we also keep up to date with the rules governing fit-for-work certificates and sickness absence interviews in the event of an employee’s illness.

Advice Law Firm provides advisory services to businesses and employees alike.




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