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Choice of form of business entity and ownership · Protection of rights · Contracts · Capital

At Advice Law Firm, we know from personal experience what entrepreneurship entails, having felt on our own bodies many of the challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face as they embark on a new business venture.

In a clear and not least business-oriented manner, we advise on both legal and business-related problems and challenges, including for instance considerations concerning choice of form of business entity, formation of companies, conclusion of shareholders’ agreements, recruitment of staff, protection of names, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, negotiation, drafting and conclusion of cooperation and business agreements as well as the issues entrepreneurs confront when signing a lease for their first business premises.


Finally – and more importantly – we realise how an entrepreneur may tend to be financially challenged in the start-up phase, which is not always the same as concluding, however, that it pays to save on professional advisory services. And with a bit of effort, we could no doubt find a solution to that challenge, too.




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