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Establishment of rights · Enforcement · Commercialisation

The value of intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, domain names, designs, utility models and patents, simply keeps rising.

At the same time, it becomes increasingly more important for businesses that own such rights to protect these effectively and, in that fashion, prevent any unauthorised exploitation, which could eventually be destructive to the business concerned.


At Advice Law Firm, we not only have an in-depth knowledge of how to establish and safeguard such rights, be it trademarks, design rights, domain names, copyrights or patent rights.


We also focus at least as much attention on the subsequent real protection of rights that are already formally protected.


For instance, Advice Law Firm helps the client contact the infringer for the purpose of stopping the infringement. If such a step turns out to be insufficient, we will naturally assist in commencing infringement cases, for instance through the issuance of an injunction to ensure that the infringement is brought to an end, and maybe by pursuing a financial claim, as the case may be.


Finally, we are pleased to help with the commercialisation of intellectual property rights, for instance by offering assistance for the preparation of license agreements or other forms of IP rights agreements covering the rights in question.




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