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Contracts – Athletes, coaches and clubs · Agents · Sponsorships · eSports

The number, complexity and not least the financial implications of disputes in the world of sport continue to set new records these years.

Alongside this, competitive gaming – known as eSports – has truly made its entry into the global world of sport, for the benefit of all of us who also find this form of competition fascinating.

At Advice Law Firm, we provide highly specialised and competent advice on these issues, for instance on contracts and rights, sponsorship agreements and the prevention and resolution of sports law disputes through settlement by the ordinary courts of law as well as by the internal dispute resolution bodies of the individual sports federations.

Within this field, Advice Lawyer Firm serves as an adviser on sports law to a wide range of sports federations, for instance the Danish Football Association (DBU), elite clubs, professional athletes and their agents.

Lars Hilliger ranks among Denmark’s leading attorneys in Danish and international sports law, serving as one of just three Danish arbitrators at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is also Chairman of the Appeals` Panel of the Danish FA Club Licensing System.

This international work implies, among other advantages, that Advice Law Firm has access to a large international network of sports law attorneys and other legal players (professors, judges, etc.) in the world of sport.

Who Is Who Legal 2017 refers to Lars Hilliger as …”Denmark’s top sports lawyer according to our research, fêted as a “top CAS arbitrator”. Sources praise “his superb skills in sports law combined with his empathy, which makes him one of the most-used arbitrators in CAS.”


Furthermore, Lars Hilliger is the co-author of a number of Danish and international books on sports law, including Dansk og International Sportsret – 3rd. edition (in Danish).




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